Queen of the Meadow LotionBars

Simply rub the bar on your skin and enjoy its moisturizing and healing properties.

Although it looks like soap, remember this is a handful of solid lotion!

- very emollient
- reconditions and softens your skin
- soothes skin irritations (eczema, rashes, etc.)
- heals cracked hands and feet
- antioxidant
- can last up to six months

- 100% plant based
- gluten-free
- cruelty free
- sustainably made off grid

How to use/store
Simply set the bar on a neat dish and rub it on your skin as needed. When you travel, store your lotion bar in a travel container.

safflower oil*, sweet almond oil, raw, wild-crafted shea nut butter, pure unrefined beeswax, calendula extract*, vitamin E, essential oil (not found in our unscented bar)