Shelley Goddard Pottery

Boulder, CO artist Shelley Goddard

Shelley's designs begin and end with color. Bold color always invites her designs to unfold into joyfully graphic patterns and whimsical designs. Each piece is carefully hand-painted with multiple layers of underglaze, every color often receiving between 3 and 4 coats to achieve the vibrancy she desires. Pieces are fired multiple times using glazes and often gold and opalescent overglazes, resulting in a wonderful depth and richness. No two pieces are ever exactly the same, although, pieces within a design series are all created to mix and match designs and colors, allowing you to put together a unique set of your own. Pieces are dinnerware and dishwasher safe for your enjoyment. Due to the firing process there may sometimes be a slight variation in color.

Shelley Goddard Raven Mugs